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  • Obtain A PTAN Number
  • Medicare Licensing Issues
  • DMEPOS or DME Continuous Compliance
  • Medicare Competitive Bidding
  • License Issues

Let Us Navigate The Way To Obtaining A Medicare Supplier Number

Do you want to obtain a Medicare Supplier Number in the USA?

Navigating the complex field of forming a new DME or DMEPOS can be challenging. Continuing changes in health care law and medicare laws create high barriers of entry for new start ups into this field. Our law firm can assist you in starting your new health care venture from your corporate form to obtaining a provider transaction access number (PTAN) which is necessary for all health care providers who provide services to Medicare patients. This identifier is used to bill Medicare for medical services provided. Without a PTAN number medical provider billings to Medicare will be rejected and returned. We are located in Florida but will be able to assist new DME and DMEPOS start ups throughout the United States. Call now for a free consultation.

DMEPOS License Attorneys

Forming a new DMEPOS or DME company and obtaining a provider transaction access number ("PTAN") can be a difficult and complicated process. Our attorneys are prepared to guide you through each step of the process from: Forming the correct business entity, creating a national provider information ID, bonding, accreditation and insurance. All of this will be necessary before you can receive your PTAN identifier from Medicare and start a billing relationship with Medicare insurance and Medicare patients.

Our attorneys are able to assist start ups with:

  • Obtaining a PTAN number;
  • Medicare licensing issues to make sure that Medicare providers are compliant on both a state and federal level
  • We can navigate you through the complex process of obtaining your own new "clean" PTAN number which in most all cases is less costly than purchasing a defunct DMEPOS/DME to obtain their old PTAN number
  • After your new DMEPOS or DME company is in business we will be able to continue to advise and assist your organization with a number of health care related legal issues. Including but not limited to: Medicare compliance issues, Medicare enrolment issues, and recovery audits
  • Medicare Competitive Bidding
  • Health care business purchase and sale Medicare audits, Medicare pre pay audits, Medicare zpic audits, medicare psc reviews and rac medicare audits.